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Three clubs: Blau, La Sala del Cel, and Le Rachdingue, each one of them in a different region in Girona, laid the grounds for what electronic music would be afterwards in Barcelona and Catalonia. DJs and audience from different parts of Europe went there, mainly from France and Barcelona, to be nourished with a culture which has been regarded as one of the most popular of all times and which has ended up becoming part of our current society.  

A page in our country’s music history which has been torn out or never written. Up to now. They represented the origin of club culture in Spain and the arrival of techno in the peninsula passing through the French border. Three venues which were pioneer in electronic music programming, where the people who would later be known as the national electronic leading representatives got together, where the djs who would later make up the world top were born and where the current techno legends in our country performed for the first time. They set a precedent by programming techno music regularly and by getting the best artists into their booths. They were a model for the other clubs, discos and festivals that eventually started blooming in other territories. They had an influence over style, ways of programming and promotion. To sum up, they left their mark.They brought about the emergence of the scene.


With “Nou Set Dos”, we want to make the spectator aware of the importance of these clubs and this territory and of what they achieved by betting on innovation, being at the vanguard and taking risks in support of an independent, alternative and revolutionary type of music which was unknown for most of the audience, which would end up enriching these place’s and people’s culture and that would rapidly spread.


“Nou Set Dos” wants to give evidence of these pioneers, analysing the late-80’s - mid-90’s scene, including music transition into electronic, its aesthetics, its ideology, its technology, and the big names that performed in its clubs.


Such was the importance of the moment and the level of innovation that it brought about the appearance of other peripheral factors not connected with the music movement, such as the appearance of the first electronic music shops, the first performing arts groups dedicated to performing in discos, the first dance crews for electronic music venues (commonly known as go-gos)... Therefore, Girona laid the foundation stone for what eventually has become no more than danceable music and in “Nou Set Dos” we have the privilege to have at our disposal the testimonies of the people responsible for it to tell us how everything happened.

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